Thursday, March 24, 2011

While We Wait

We debate Heaven and Hell
while we watch floating houses and spent fuel rods go up in flames.

We fight over the definition of rape and turn survivors into accusers
while we close our eyes to the plays of those in power.

We cry over bullets ripping through the innocent inside our borders
while we pour our dollars into the bullets that shred souls around the world.

We teach true love waits and abstinence only
while we expose and exploit the very image of the divine.

We cut and scrimp and save
at the expense of the young, the weak, the ill, the poor.

We preach and pray to a Father God we presume to be good
while we debate the ever increasing damage we do to Mother Earth.

And I...

I tell myself the same old story:  I'm too weak, too afraid, too helpless, too damaged to matter
while I sit in silence, treasures buried, unwilling to speak.

But a new way calls me.  A way I know deep in my bones, my heart, my gut, my loins.  The way of singing.  The way of poetry.  The way of dance.  The way of trust and hope and healing.  The way of love.  My body knows the way.  My intuition knows the way.  I hold the wisdom of the ages inside of me.  And so do you.

If we join our voices and hands and hearts and souls together, we can make one another whole
while the world watches in wonder.


  1. Hallelujah, Sister. Brilliant. Powerful. Wise. "The way of Love. My body knows the way."
    I am so here, joining my voice with yours, hearts and souls together.
    In love,

  2. Ah...the power in softness, in vulnerability, in speaking the truth is so clear here. Beautiful beautiful. I join my voice, my hands, my heart, my soul with yours too. Now is the time...

  3. Making heaven here on earth...together. I'm SO there with you, darling. xo