Sunday, March 27, 2011


Working in the bloody mess
The aftermath of dis-memberment
Painfully, tirelessly working
To put the puzzle pieces back together
To Re-member
To bring that which is dead back to life.

So many pieces, so many parts, so much trauma and pain.
So tired.  So sick.  So afraid.
But all the pieces must be in place,
Not a single one unnoticed or forgotten.

And then - resurrection.

I am taking a seminar this weekend studying Fairy Tales and how they speak to our process of individuation, of becoming whole.  These words came to me reflecting on an image from Fitcher's Bird, a Grimms' brothers' tale, which speaks in part about the process of healing trauma.  And it's in honor of everyone who has ever done the hard work of re-membering themselves.  A process I know from the inside out and one which I watch others walk through with unbelievable courage on a regular basis.


  1. Reading again about the meaning of remember (re-member) - which I knew but had forgotten - gives me goosebumps. Thank you. xox

  2. Lindsey, Mary Daly forever changed how I read that word. I don't know if she was the first or only to have used it that way, but it is something that is constantly with me. Thanks for being here!



  3. Renae,

    I've never heard the term "re-member." Can you give more details? I'm so curious. And I'm heading to Google to look up Fitcher's Bird. Which Grimms' tale is that? Off I go...xo

  4. OK, so I've just read Fitcher's Bird. How gruesome! I don't think I read that one as a child! And re-member makes more sense now. What a lovely term of restoration and love! Thanks for sharing this...