Friday, March 18, 2011

Afraid of My Shadow

Look at you down there, distorted and grotesque.
Sometimes small, other times stretching beyond imagination.
You seem so separate, so other, so dark.
Can you really be a part of me? 
Yet you move when I move. 
You follow me everywhere.
Or do I really follow you?
The lines and angles and curves resemble the me I see in the mirror,
But with a twist - bending, stretching, shrinking - moving in ways I cannot.
I like you better behind me, not stretched out crazily in my path.
Sometimes I wish you would just disappear.
But the only time I can't find you is in the dead of night, when the whole world turns to shadow.
A breath of light, and there you are, again
Beckoning me to follow you to places unknown or stalking me from behind.
You frighten me with your strangeness.
But maybe I would be less afraid if I got to know you a little.
If I understood your crazy angles and your secrets.
Could learn to love you if I stood still long enough to really see you?
If I asked, would you teach me to dance?

1 comment:

  1. Love this? Might I ask if you're the author? :)

    Coming to grips with the "other" parts of me (that I don't know well...or understand well) seems an exhausting, but necessary's to keeping at it! xo