Thursday, July 29, 2010

July "I Believe" Challenge - Day 27: Spirituality

The entire content of this blog peels back the layers of what I believe about Spirituality.  The essence of who I am and where I am going relies heavily on spiritual concepts.  And my beliefs shift, sometimes slowly, sometimes like tectonic plates grinding against one another.  My heritage is conservative Christian.  No label fits me currently, but I shift ever more toward a universal concept that sees the power and myth and ritual and beauty in every tradition.

Rather than write an entirely new post - I thought I would revisit some of my favorites:

Honoring the Longing
Sitting in the Dark
Practice Makes Perfect?
Motherhood - The Complete and Virtual Annihilation of Self

Spirituality is sprinkled in through all my posts, but these address what I believe and how I feel most directly.  I still participate around the margins of the faith of my childhood, but my ties to organization and institution are looser than they used to be.  But on this journey I've undertaken, I've experienced the Divine in ways I never had before and I am more deeply connected to something beyond me than I have ever been.  So I'll continue to move and search for the words to define what happens along the way.  And I'll be ever grateful for my companions on the journey - the soul-tribe connections - which I'm ever more convinced is the true heart of spirituality anyway.

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  1. And I'm grateful to be on the journey with you!