Friday, December 18, 2009


The weeping wounds and jagged scars astound me.
Life hurts so much more than we admit.
Does healing exist?
Not with advice nor ideology nor judgment and repentance -
those things act at best as band-aids
and at worst as instruments of torture probing deeper into the open wounds.
But maybe, just maybe...
with space to breathe
and a witness.
Hands to unwrap the bloody bandages used for triage.
Eyes to unflinchingly assess and accept the damage.
Ears to hear the guttural groans that have no words.
And heart and soul to pour divine grace over the wounds.
Maybe these things work better than anesthetic and stitching twine.
Washing the wounds with tears, maybe the healing begins
and the old scars soften
and hearts can find their song.

1 comment:

  1. I am convinced that there is a gift in every wound, if we can stand to unwrap the wound and let it heal. I am convinced that the only way the wounds heal is through being brought into the light, if we can bear to do that. I am confident that Love can heal the wounds, if we aren't too scared to let another see what we have hidden. I am convinced that the wounds come into our consciousness because they want to be healed....and we are called to be, I think, healers to each other.
    Here's to the healing and the Healer.
    Jeanie Miley