Monday, December 21, 2009

The Longest Night

Tonight the sun set just a bit earlier.
The dark descended a few moments sooner.
The earth tilted as far away from the sun as possible.
Tomorrow begins the march toward Spring and light and life.
But tonight darkness rules.

Inside my house tonight, the lights twinkle.
The fire crackles.
The smell of popcorn drifts through the air.
Bells jingle and trains whistle as the Polar Express flies toward it's destination.
And the giggles of little girls resound.

My heart beats divided, between dark and light.

My soul wrestles between hibernation and celebration.

My body struggles
to hold sorrow and joy,
dark and light,
death and life
in the same breath.

And my mind knows not whether to embrace the night or pray fervently for the dawn.


  1. It's the human condition, isn't it, to hold both and not buckle under the paradox? I want one or the other (preferably the joy and light and life), but am called over and over again to hold both polarities in tension - ! What a task!


  2. I guess I hadn't thought about it like wanting one or the other. Knowing that it is impossible to have JUST the joy and light and life - I guess I'll take the tension between the two rather than settle for only the dark.

    Thanks for being a light in my world and helping me figure out how to hold the tension with at least a measure of grace.