Friday, July 23, 2010

July "I Believe" Challenge - Day 23: Politics

What I believe about politics marginalizes me in the "real-life" crowd I circulate in, so I often keep my opinions to myself.

The political wranglings of our politicians and politicians around the world make my stomach churn, so I turn off the TV.

My political views continue to move and shift as I encounter real people making their way through real life and facing edicts from a system that doesn't seem to understand, so I try to listen more than I talk.

Not towing the party line causes stress and distress in my extended family unit, so I refuse to engage in the battle.

Voting my conscious in the county where I live puts me in the short line and causes others to look askance at me, so I try to avoid the crowds (and sometimes I don't go at all....)

And I detect a theme that hearkens back to yesterday.... others opinions of me with regard to politics often makes me want to retreat into silence and inaction.  I find it hard to take a stand.  I hesitate to speak my convictions.  I hide.  And nothing changes.....


  1. Feeling this one with you. I don't do the contradictions well, and there are so many. I find myself referring back to the What Would Jesus Say image blog that I think Elissa posted awhile back. It puts everything into perspective...for ME at least.

  2. When my oldest daughter was in 4th grade she came home from school crying because her mom was THE ONLY parent in 4th grade who had voted for ___. Later, when she was 30, she wrote a piece about how much I'd taught her by my stand and how sorry she was she'd been ashamed of me. I lament the reality that we do have to swallow our opinions in our culture, Renae. I rail against the ways in which political opinions are pushed in our faces by friends and family in a way that makes it impossible to have a different opinion or another point of view. I squirm with others' assumptions that SURELY I must agree with them, and so they flood my mailbox with tirades and rants, and if I ask for them to stop, they pull away from the relationship because they don't want to be "friends" with someone who is a _____. I believe that healthy and respectful dialogue is essential -- and that diatribes destroy. I believe that conversation is a two-way street -- and I know for sure that an environment and culture in which everyone's views can be heard, respected and considered --if even for a moment -- keeps freedom alive. When there is only one point of view that is acceptable or tolerated, freedom is the first victim. Yes, you hit a nerve with your post for me. I am commited to the belief that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance....AND the continuing reminder that all it takes for freedom to die is for good people to remain silent. I'm proud of you for your honesty. I live too much with the "rule" of "peace at any price" -- and too often sacrifice authentic peace for momentary comfort.
    Good for you for your good work!!!!!

  3. Living in the same community and also going against the grain of the crowd I know exactly where you are coming from. I've put political support signs in my yard only to have them stolen...and have neighbors make comments about my being the only one "on that side"...and having teachers at school (it is necessary to drive past our home to get to the school) make comments about our families political leanings. Made all the more difficult by being part of a fringe religion that people in this community tend to be a little scared of. Wow! Until I wrote all this I never realized how far outside of the norm we are! It's a wonder anyone in this neighborhood talks to me!!

  4. @Marianna - I'm glad you are here. On the blog. And in the community. It's always good to make a new friend. We can be outsiders together. Maybe at some point we will have the chance to meet face to face. Until then, drop by anytime. You are always welcome.