Thursday, July 22, 2010

July "I Believe" Challenge - Day 21 & 22

It's a little overwhelming to keep up with this EVERY day posting on the blog.  Two-thirds of the way through this challenge with only a little cheating - and I'm going to cheat again today.

Yesterday's topic was Nutrition.  While I have thoughts and beliefs about nutrition - mainly that it's a good thing to pay attention to - the topic doesn't drive me to write much about it.  But if you want to read something pretty profound - check out Dani's post on the topic from yesterday.  It's worth reading.

Today's topic sort of leaves me speechless too - but for the opposite reason.   
Others Opinions of You....

Well, where to even start and what to say that will sway the opinion of anybody who happens along here in the positive direction?  Where do I start this conversation, from my head or my heart?

I can wax on philosophically about how one should put others opinions about herself into the proper perspective, listening to her true self and living from a place of groundedness regardless of what anyone else thinks.  And I could evaluate the various categories of people whose opinions we let affect us in both positive and negative ways.

Or I can get very personal and share how I have been and still am deeply impacted by the opinions of others, both positively and negatively.  How advocates and mentors have given me the courage to take a step and how naysayers and detractors have left me wounded and bleeding in the dirt from time to time.

All of it is true.   None of it matters.  We all take the opinion of others into consideration as we live our lives.  We all wish sometimes we did it a little less.  Everyone that passes this way is on a journey to themselves and along the road, we all meet both supporters and obstacles that we have to figure out how to deal with.  But I think the true lesson is my exploration of how the opinions of others affect me comes from flipping the idea around.  If I am indeed impacted by others opinions, they also are impacted by my opinion of them.  And with that opinion, I have the ability to wound or to heal.  As I learn to look at others through different eyes, to see past the outer shell and into someone's soul, my opinion is slowly changing from one of judgment to one of awe.  I want to be in the place where my only opinion of another conveys how beautiful he or she is - that recognizes the imprint of the divine within.  If we could all look at one another with those eyes, things would begin to change, for all of us, for good.

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