Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hibernation Part 2

I'm still not moving very fast. Still not completed recovered from my cold. Still lacking the motivation to tackle some of the tasks that need my attention. I am still very much in the ebbing phase of this energy cycle. I think some of it has to do with this "in-between" state I'm in on my professional journey. Biding the time until I can make the next major step. And I could be preparing for that step. But my body and my mind seem to just want to rest.

It is snowing here today. Big beautiful flakes. Piling up on the grass. Hopefully it will stay long enough for the kids to get to build a snowman after school. So maybe I just need to give myself the grace to sit and sip a hot drink, burrow under the covers and take a long nap, give my physical body the time it needs to completely recover, and my mental and emotional energies the chance to recharge.

It's difficult, in this capitalistic society in which we live to consider down time productive. And I waste mine, probably extending the duration, by wondering why I'm not up doing something, being efficient, using my time wisely. But this ebb and flow of energy has a rhythm that demands my attention - and I think maybe there is wisdom hidden here in the down days, if I can just give myself the time to find it.

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