Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hidden Dreams

“Who do you want to be?” they ask.  Early and often.  Demanding an answer.
Decide, make a choice, work hard so good things will come your way.

But where are the wants, the wishes, the hopes, the dreams?
Those tiny bits of light tucked deep into her soul. 

She hides them.  Afraid.
Afraid to speak them lest the wind of her voice puts out the flame.

If she actually wraps words around them, someone will expect…
Expect a determined path, success, perfection…
Things she fears she cannot deliver.

So she hides them, deep down inside, buried under more acceptable goals.
Hidden under other endeavors in which her chances for success are high.

Silently they smoulder, flickers of light hidden from view. 
But embers covered over by ash don’t die.  They lay waiting.
Waiting for a breath of air, a single piece of tinder.

Waiting to burst into all-consuming flame.

1 comment:

  1. You WILL "deliver" because you will be doing it for you, first and foremost. The added bonus is that you'll be helping others, too, in the "telling." Isn't that amazing how that works?