Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great Mother

Oh Great Mother, Giver of Life
Arms reaching out to me, to us, to all of your mothers
Surround us, hold us, love us, nourish us now
As you nourished each of us, in your womb, with your blood
The water of life flows from your breasts
We drink until we thirst no more
Your milk fills us, strengthens us, empowers us
One we were before we were born
One we become again as we consume you
Take our pain, the pain of the world, Your pain
Hang it in the sky as a sign
Surrounded by you, held by you, consumed by you
We are whole
Our blood mingles with yours
The world springs to life from the flow
Clean, pure, and free
Fertile and green
Clothed in garments of white
Now, we are Givers of Life too
By the blood

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