Thursday, March 11, 2010

It is Spring

I love the willow trees the most, bare one day the next a stream of green rivers cascading to the ground.

Pears, plums, and redbud span a spectrum of clean crisp white to deep purple bursting out of the gray monotony.

Daffodils in every shade of yellow turn their faces to the sun, collecting rays in their open cups.

A mockingbird practices runs of every melody and sound he has ever heard, showing off his talents for all of us, but especially I suspect for that special some-bird.

Dawn cracks the window a bit earlier and my two chirping birds rise more easily - at least for a few weeks until we push forward to take full advantage of the afternoon light.

It happens so suddenly. Wasn't it just weeks ago that the ground lay covered knee-deep with white and dormant tree branches sacrificed their limbs to the snow-creatures on display?

Now I look out and see the beginnings of a crayon-colored spring, like a half-finished picture my child works on with her rainbow in a box.

Yesterday I stood outside and turned my face to the sun, soaking in the warmth, the light and feeling my own soul spring to life. I pay too little attention, but my being corresponds to the seasons of the earth. The colors burst forth suddenly, with possibilities that have lain dormant through the cold and the dark.

The world and I, we are waking up. It is Spring.


  1. Ah -- your images of awakening stir my own soul. I love "dawn cracks the window...." and "a crayon-colored spring." Life invites all of us to wake up, and every time one of us wakes up a little bit more, we contribute something important to the world in which we live and move and have our being. Anthony deMellow says that spirituality is about waking up and waking up some more.....I say, "Bring it on!"

    Jeanie Miley

  2. Oh, my. I, too, love that line, "dawn cracks the window..." as did Jeanie. Yes, life is about waking up to what we really are...really are. It's a continual unfolding, a continual process of awakening. We are waking up together. I am so happy to know you and now to know Jeanie. I am taken by the synchronicity here...
    Love, Julie