Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Year Rhythm

September drifts closer with each hour.
Our days begin with a groan and kisses.
Lunch boxes packed,
teenage tears,
love you's tossed over our shoulders out the door.
Carpool lines, calendar lists.
Crayons, composition books and
endless checks for an ever growing list of necessities.
Quite minutes to savor and empty hours to miss them.
Each year they grow, into young women, and up and away.
My heart beats heavy with both the joy and the sorrow.
And I hope their hearts can hear the words I don't always say,
Wishing them just enough pain to open them to the beauty of their lives.


  1. Oh gosh, yes, yes. The first line of this brings pricks of tears to my eyes, and that last line absolutely slays me. Perfect. xoxo

    1. Thanks. Making a commitment to put the words out there again. Glad you are here. And yes, we started this week. I'll be thinking of you as you post another picture of yours shouldering their packs and walking away.

  2. "My heart beats heavy with both the joy and the sorrow."

    I have experienced that more these last two days than ever before.

    1. I think the beauty is in the bittersweet.