Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home Again

I am home.  Back on my native soil.  Back immediately into the familiar patterns that come so automatically.  It seems so easy to just fall into existence.  Get up, go to work, come home, scramble for dinner, drive kids around to their activities and events, snatch a few minutes of reading, and then fall asleep to do it all over again.  But being away, someplace other, with energy humming around and through me and ideas sparking new pathways through my brain and my entire body, has changed me somehow.  Time must be made to engage in a new a different way.  Ideas need to be nurtured.  The seeds will only grow if given some sunlight and some water and some air.  So, yes, I'm home.  But I'm not back to "normal" and making a new normal may require some growing pains.  But dinner with a Norwegian and an Italian and an Englishwoman and an American ex-pat living and working in Germany -- and interaction with presenters doing cutting edge work -- cannot be eaten and absorbed without creating some growth.  I'm still trying to integrate it all.  When I do, maybe I can put some of it into words here and elsewhere.  For now, it's enough to say:  "What an adventure!"

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