Sunday, August 1, 2010

July "I Believe" Challenge - Day 30 & 31: Authentic Self & Big Dreams

This is it - the last two topics of the July "I Believe" Challenge.  I've been working on a post in my head summing up my experience with this every day blogging challenge, but first I need to actually finish it.

RC:  Why am I bothering with this?
Self:  Because writing out what  I believe is more important than you know.

RC:  Nobody wants to hear this stuff and if I write down what I really believe people might think I'm just a little on the weird and crazy side.
Self:  Really?  Do you think that when you read what others write, when it resonates deep in your soul?

RC:  No, of course not.  You know that those words move me to tears, although I often try to mask them or distract myself instead of sinking into them deeply and really feeling them.
Self:  I've noticed.  I wonder why you do that.  Do you not realize that right there, in that depth of feeling, is the place you most need to be - the place where I am?

RC:  Yes, I know.  But I'm afraid to get too close to you, or to show too much of you to the world.
Self:  Why?  Why are you afraid of me?  I love with the deepest love.  I want the best for you.  I dream big dreams.

RC:  I know that too.  The dreams are so big.  I want to dream them too, but I am afraid.  Because I know I'm the one who will have to do the work of living those dreams.  What if the price is too high?  What if I'm not capable?  What if I try and fail?  What if I succeed?
Self:  So many "what ifs".  Trust me.  Let go of the fear.  Dream the dreams.  Walk the path unfolding before you.  Live and love and laugh and change the world - one step at a time.  I'm right here with you.  You are never ever alone.


  1. AC: What if someone criticizes me?
    Self: What if someone thanks me for letting them know they aren't alone?

    Follow those dreams. Live authentically. Have an occasional meltdown. It feels so good and works out for the best for everyone.

  2. You AREN'T alone, even though it feels like it sometimes! xo