Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July "I Believe" Challenge - Day 25: Self Care

I believe self care does not equal selfish.

I believe caring for others requires a consistent practice of self care.
I believe self care must be a priority in a healthy and whole life.
I believe our cultural and religious systems here in the West often denigrate self care.

I believe self care consists of more rest than we want to admit.

I believe we give lip service to self care but criticize others when they engage in it.
I believe self care requires allowing others to minister to our needs - physical, mental, spiritual.
I believe community and solitude both play a part in self care.

I believe if I don't care for myself, no one else will.

1 comment:

  1. I see this (and personally experience it) in massage. A primary caregiver of someone who is ill or dying pushes until they are in almost worse shape than the person with the illness. They seem to believe they are invincible or just don't have the time until they are hurting so badly they can't move.

    I loved massage therapy school because I was "forced" to be a client frequently. I miss it so much!