Monday, June 14, 2010

Ten Things I Know

Traveling stretches and changes me in ways I never imagine before I leave.

Certain places resonate with our souls, and we know them instantly when we set foot in them, even if we've never been there before.

On the other side of fear, I always wonder what there was to be afraid of.

Summer activities should never start before 11am.

It's impossible to give yourself a real hug.

Every once in a while, almost too good to be true works in my favor.

Friendships are worth the time and effort. Pets are questionable.

Solitude can be hard to come by when school is not in session.

I can trade a certain amount of solitude for the laughter of my children and be happy.

I wish my mother had a big red plate.


  1. Oh Renae, I love this list. Such wisdom, such truth. Thank you.
    The places that resonate with our souls - YES. I know this so well. And the summer activities before 11am, also, YES!
    I say that on the first morning of summer, when the kids would already have been woken up for school, but they are both sleeping ... reading blogs on my computer in bed ... lovely!

  2. The reason I use a big red plate to tell my daughters "You are special" is that I always wanted to hear that from my own mother. In some ways, giving it to my daughters -- passing on what I longed for, giving to them what I ached for in the marrow of my bones -- is a compensation, as well as a blessing, and in some ways, I'm giving that blessing consciously and intentionally to myself even as I give it to them. I try to believe that "in giving we receive", and most of the time I know that that is true. It was hard to come to, but I had to accept the fact that my mother could not give what she didn't have. Internal peace, like world peace, doesn't come without a struggle and a price, and often there's blood left on the landscape of one's heart and soul. You're so right, Renae: you can't hug yourself.....but there is a Power greater than myself that is activated when I move to bless and hug and love another. Perhaps it is an act of faith to give what you haven't been given.
    Grace to you-- as you give yourself through this blog. Love ya -- Jeanie

  3. Great list. For me....I love summer activities that start with the sunrise. It's a beautiful time of day. And a big YES to the other side of fear. I know it's coming. You've already found its other side. Congrats!

  4. I came across your blog on one of my meanderings of the internet (ha!) and i found your words to be beautiful and stunningly constructed....=)

    take care!

  5. Isn't it so TRUE? Wondering what there was to be afraid of on the other side of fear? I'm finding that to be very true. We make mountains out of mole hills, as the saying goes.

    And the big red plate. We have one, but I hear there's now a blue plate???