Monday, June 21, 2010

Spreading the Love

I got my first "blog acknowledgment" today, from Angie Cox.  There are rules apparently, so here I go, although I'm not always a big rule follower.

Rule 1:  Thank the person. 
Well Angie, thank you!  I'm honored to be on your list of favorite blogs.  Angie describes me pretty well in her blurb about my blog - and that description made me laugh.  For someone I've never met, she has me pretty well figured out.

Rule 2:  Ten Things I Love:
1.  The house to myself in the early mornings while everyone else is still asleep.
2.  A steaming hot mug of coffee during above solitude.
3.  The laughter of my 7 year old when she is being tickled.
4.  Being in the car by myself on a long drive.
5.  Sunshine.
6.  The Alps.
7.  Old town Vienna.
8.  Cuddling.
9.  An ice cold diet coke on a hot day.
10.  Freshly mowed grass as the sun sets in the summer.

Rule 3:  Pass It On.
This is a bit difficult (see I told you I don't like to follow the rules).  I'm supposed to pick my 10 favorite blogs to pass this award along to.  And I've avoided making this list several times.  I have an aversion to choosing in any way that might look like I'm playing favorites or where someone might possibly feel left out.  And I don't want to guilt anyone into participating in something they don't want to participate in.

So.... here's the deal.  Most of the links on my sidebar are blogs.  A few are full-fledged sites, but most are there for the blogs written by some fabulous individuals.  I LOVE all of these blogs.  But in honor of the spirit of the game, I'll pick a few blogs of women who were strangers just months ago who have become an important piece of my life over the last little while.  If they want to play, they are welcome.  If they want to just soak in the fact that they are changing lives with their virtual presence - that's perfectly okay.  Every one of these women has commented on my blog and responded to my comments on hers.  They have become a significant part of my support system and they give me the courage to continue to find my voice.  And since Angie passed this on to me - I'm not passing it back - that would just be a silly yo-yo - but SHE is definitely on this list:

Elissa Elliot at Living the Questions
Julie Daley at unabashedly female
Lindsey Mead Russell at A Design So Vast
Jena Strong at bullseye, baby
Ronna Detrick at RENEGADEconversations

And from my real as well as virtual world - two of my favorite people.  One who blogs regularly and one who should -- and both of whom my life would be much less rich without:

Jeanie Miley and Strand Girl

So - if you find yourself on the list and want to play along - consider yourself invited.  If you don't - no guilt, no pressure.  Only love and gratitude for what you've added to my life.


  1. love reading your musings milady! congrats! =)

  2. Thank you, dahling...

    We're in this whole living-our-lives thing together, right?

    And the tickling laughter is the best kind! xo

  3. What an honor - both to be cited by you and to be included in this excellent, awe-inspiring company. I am not worthy. Thank you, thank you!!

  4. Renae,
    Congratulations on being awarded this honor on your blog. And, thank you for awarding this to my blog. I love being named by you as a 'blog you love'. Your wisdom always astounds me, and each time you grace my site, I feel honored.
    Thank you.