Friday, November 20, 2009

Diving In

I'm taking the plunge.  I signed up for a blog site two years ago.  And I put out a single test post.  I've written numerous poems, a fairytale, reflective journal entries and editorials enough to fill a small book in that time.  But I've let very little of it out for human consumption.  Writing is not something I WANT to do.  But it's something I have to do.  It's like breathing, and when I forget, things start not working right.  I've written poetry on and off all of my life.  Some of the things from way back when are gone, not put somewhere safe for permanent keeping and now lost to time.  There are other pieces I will add to this sight as I have time and courage, from days long gone but still available to me.  But mostly, this place is about a repository for my thoughts.  Somewhere I can save the random writing I'm doing.  A place I can try out my writing voice.  Room to spread my wings.

I want to post caveats about how I am not really a writer.  But in the past few months, I've been challenged by an exercise that had me define who I am with nouns, not adjectives and distill that list to its essence.  Writer and poet are on that list, as you will see in the profile, and I can no longer deny that fact.  So, whether anyone ever reads a word I write, write is what I must do - and this seemed like the perfect place to do it, because if I don't - I simply may explode.

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